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"Thanks again for a great presentation!"

Amy Baranko,
The Chicago Bears

"Thank you very much for working with our school district this year to train our staff in CPR and First Aid. The staff members have nothing but good things to say about their time spent in training. Word spread quickly regarding your presentation and many staff members took advantage of the learning you provided. I look forward to continued work with you next year. Thanks again"

Dorothy J. Dirks,
Assistant Superintendent, School District 20

"Yours was the clearest presentation they have ever heard…" "It was a pleasure having you here."

Molly Blechl,
Worker Rehabilitation Services

"The CPR course taught by you to over 40 people was outstanding. You were able to conduct the class in such a manner that interest was maintained by all."

B. J. Cervanko,
LCDR, USNR-R, Training Officer, U. S. Naval Reserve Center


Earn the good feeling that comes from learning how to keep family, friends, co-workers and clients safe! It starts with picking up the phone and calling toll-free (800) 869-9289 now!

We have been in business for over 35 years. We are one of the first in the U.S. to offer emergency training as a full time, professional service. In that time, we have seen many changes in the emergency training world, including, among others, new standards for how CPR is taught and performed, revolutionary First Aid techniques, and tremendous concerns about practicing and performing CPR safely.

Since R. H. Sanders & Associates is one of the first and largest emergency training companies in the U.S., we have a special obligation to go beyond keeping abreast of our clients' and industry's concerns and changes. We feel obligated to provide leadership in effectively addressing them! To that end, we are proud of the fact that we...

  • were are among the first in the area to make disposable manikin practice shields mandatory for all of our CPR students...FREE!
  • were the only system to teach people how to safely (never on other people!) practice CPR at home using common household items.
  • own our manikins and keep them sanitized. We never use "rental wrecks!"
  • follow a national standard, not a regional one.
  • have kept our training costs down in order to make these valuable skills accessible to the general public!


  • Lower per person and minimum charges than any other program in town! Unlike other programs, our proprietary program does not require you to buy expensive books; materials are provided at no additional cost. We urge you to compare.
  • Less staff time - Our proprietary, nationally recognized ERI Program is about ½ the time of other programs and yields better learning and retention…and without sitting through a boring 2-hour video!
  • We provide everything! Why tie up your valuable equipment, supplies, and professional staff for training duties when our highly trained, professional staff can do the job for you? If you analyze it, we are always less expensive than "in-house" programs!
  • 30 day interest-free invoicing.


  • Our programs are in compliance with OSHA, JCAHO, State's Departments of Health, and all other regulatory bodies where such regulations exist.
  • Our instructors can teach any level of CPR including classes for professional health care personnel and child care staff...Either American Heart Association (AHA) or the more economical, time-efficient, comprehensive and up to date Emergency Response Institute™ (ERI™) Program. (Of course, when we teach the longer, more costly AHA programs we do so following AHA’s teaching requirements to the letter.)
  • We have over 35 years of providing the best in CPR and emergency education. We teach thousands of people each year. We have offices in the Chicago area, South East Wisconsin and Colorado. More offices are planned in the near future.
  • Our nationally recognized programs insure employee acceptance and compliance. Classes are conducted in a humanistic, non-threatening environment and are geared to the experience and education of the participants. We think you’ll agree that education should be exciting, interesting, and fun...not intimidating, terrifying, or boring!
  • Extensive references are, of course, available at your request.


  • FREE CPR reminder chart provided to each student.
  • Toll free phone (1-800-869-9289) and fax (1-800-743-2788) numbers and CPR reminder chart provided to each student.
  • Toll free phone (1-800-869-9289) and fax ( questions, concerns, or need replacement cards after class. There is NO CHARGE for this valuable service!


  • FREE disposable manikin practice shield provided for EACH student!
  • We own our manikins and maintain them to the highest standards of repair and sanitation. They are not "rental wrecks"!
  • Optional CPR patient face shields for use on real patients are available at class

Our rates are the most reasonable in the area... call for a free quote!

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